People Are Much Nicer Than Previously Thought

A new study has revealed that people are 67% nicer than previously thought. In tests where people were able to express their true nature in a controlled environment the results shot up to a staggering 94% nicer. The results challenge long held beliefs about the true nature of human beings.

The study concluded that in today’s modern society external pressures are the key factors preventing us achieving our natural level of niceness and happiness. These included mass media, mass entertainments, the typical western diet, mainstream news and government education – all of which were shown to have a profoundly demoralising effect on the test subjects immediately upon exposure. For example, a typical secondary school class adhering to the required government syllabus was shown to have the same demoralising effect on the test subjects as 36 hours without food.

“This demoralised state, when combined with endless messages from mass media and entertainments about how horrible human beings are, creates a condition known as ‘hyper-demoralisation’. In this state we actually forget how nice it feels to be nice and we end up caught in a vicious cycle where we feel extremely demoralised and end up acting like twats – which of course only makes us feel more demoralised.

Our research suggests that if we can learn to avoid the most demoralising messages and experiences we currently encounter every day, we will start to feel a lot happier and, naturally, become much nicer to ourselves and to each other.” said a spokesperson for the study.

  • Are you a nice, happy person?
  • Or are you a demoralised person who acts like a bit of a twat a lot of the time?
  • What things demoralise you the most in life – and how might you avoid them?
  • Leave a comment below!

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