‘Tony 2012’ – Glass Houses and Propaganda Videos

Well, I finally got around to ordering my VHS copy of ‘Tony 2012’ – the low budget video response to the infamous ‘Kony 2012′ video – if only to see what all the fuss was about. As is to be expected with this genre, much of it is in bad taste (mixing saccharine footage of cute African kids playing in villages with emotive footage of grieving American military families). But having said that, if you’re hoping for extremely disturbing dance numbers and bonus scenes of the film maker wondering the streets naked this may not be the video for you.

A word of warning though: some viewers may struggle with the no frills production (there are no rapid sequences of cuts and not a single glitchy sound effect had been applied to any of the video’s remaining edits, which does take some getting used to).

But enough with the formalities, what are the core messages of this much anticipated comeback video? And did the content manage to transcend the genre’s traditional use of over the top emotional manipulation? You may be in for a surprise…

The first serious point the video makes is that western governments are currently fighting illegal and immoral wars for profit and empire, so perhaps the Kony 2012 campaigners should start by campaigning to bring their own warlords to justice before condemning tin pot warlords on the other side of the world who may in fact already be dead.

Continuing with this theme the video points out that these wars are all based on lies and deception from the political leaders – such as the government allegations that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s which was later proven to be untrue. The irony is pointed out that as a result of these lies the west has inflicted their own WMD’s on countries like Iraq, such as white phosphorus and depleted uranium.

The video went on to show grainy footage of a man in a dimly lit hut showing pictures of dead and deformed Iraqi babies to his son along with head shots of Bush and Blair. The man explained to his son that Blair and Bush had already been convicted of war crimes under the Geneva Convention in a recently held war crimes tribunal, but that the controlled media in the west won’t even mention this fact and everyone in the government keeps acting like the war is somehow justified, or just not that important an issue.

The video continues with melancholic piano music and many images of young children playing as it goes on to talk about how western governments are in so much debt these days that all the income tax collected each week is used to pay off the private loans and interest which the government has taken out in the past. This means that government wars, such as the Iraq war, can only be payed for by the government borrowing even more money. The government’s plan is to pay back these loans by taxing future generations many years from now. The video pointed out that in effect that means that today’s western children are actually being forced to fund (through their future taxes, which are already being spent today) the slaughter of children overseas right now – and no one has even told them.

The next part of the video discusses western government schooling and how it evolved from the Prussian Schule system which created the indoctrinated society in Germany which eventually voted in Hitler. It points out that children in western government controlled schools are taught about the Iraq war as if it was a justified humanitarian campaign rather than an illegal war of genocide. It goes on to discuss how government official history lessons fail to mention that Bush’s grandfather Prescott Buch was exposed to be funding and profiting from the Hitler’s nazi regime and that the Nazis got most of their funding from international bankers – the same bankers who also funded the allies at the same time in order to provoke the war and then make huge profits from this manufactured war which slaughtered over 50,000,000 people and enslaved nations to the banks through these war debts, as well as destroying society, traumatising the populations of all nations and getting rid of a great number of their brave men, leaving the population less able to stand up to further attacks, demoralisation and social engineering by these power mad control freaks.

Next up we are shown how, in addition to propaganda in schools, all western children are subjected to sophisticated war propaganda by the corporate entertainment industry. It mentions the Pentagon’s ‘Film Liaison Unit’ which admits re-writing Hollywood movie scripts to make them more pro military in return for giving the studios free use of tax funded military hardware and even military personnel to use in their movies. The example used is the movie ‘Top Gun’ – a harmless action movie on the surface, but one which was scripted by the Pentagon who then installed recruitment booths in the cinema foyers when the movie was first released so the kids. While still buzzing from watching the movie, these kids would excitedly sign up to the military as they left the cinema. This clever strategy helped to boost recruitment during the post Vietnam era, when the horrors of the reality of modern war was still fresh in people’s minds.

In Conclusion

The overall thrust of the video is that in the western so called ‘free world’ children are also being forced to fight and pay for wars on behalf of their warlords, war which kill literally millions of innocent civilians, but unlike any African warlord, western governments have a lot more money at their disposal. This money allows them to develop far more sophisticated methods of coercion and control than any African warlord could ever dream of using.

The western warlords’ strategy primarily involves kidnapping the children’s minds first, through government indoctrination in schools, sports, the controlled mass media and entertainment industries. In addition western warlords steal the wealth of the population by stealth, through government debt and taxation, both of which are ‘invisible’ forms of theft. Government debt is properly explained as a way for government to tax the future earning’s of children without having to wait for them to even leave school and start working – and to use this money to finance its own illegal, genocidal wars of empire. By using these methods western warlords are able to keep their guns hidden from the general population. And flag waving pageantry and lots of entertainments (like talent contests and big sporting events) are used to further distract the public from the inherent violence and deception used by the government against them. This ‘invisible kidnapping’ helps to keep western society a lot more cheerful which keeps them more productive which in turn generates more tax for the government to harvest from them each week.

In the western world most forms of government coercion, force, abuse, theft, violence and propaganda have become so maddeningly sophisticated and technologically advanced that most children (and most adults) are not even aware they’re being kidnapped, held hostage, stolen from or exploited at all. They are just too ignorant and too heavily indoctrinated due to government schooling and too distracted due to the endless parade of celebs and talent contests which they are subjected to every night when they get home from government run school or government taxed work.

They still believe they live in a free society because that is what they are told relentlessly every day by the media. And the gun being used against them is always well hidden. Because they really believe they are free they will never even think to resist their own kidnapping and exploitation, or that of their children. Thanks to years of propaganda they have become unable to condemn, or even see, immoral and criminal behaviour when that behaviour is coming from government. I found this part of the video was particularly moving.

The video ended with footage of young people eagerly putting up Kony 2012 posters in the middle of the night while pointing out that these kids are so hopelessly lost and confused that even as their own governments are forcing them to pay for illegal wars of genocide already condemned under the Geneva Convention, they still mindessly petition that same government to bring peace to Africa on their behalf – and to do so by sending in the military.


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