Man’s Fantasy Evening With Prostitute Turns Into Surreal Nightmare

The story began when the man, a hard working and wealthy entrepreneur who lived alone, arranged to indulge in a bit of harmless sexual role play with a prostitute whom he had been visiting for a few months. For the well earned sum of £500 the prostitute had agreed to fulfil one of his fantasies by dressing up in a provocative red dress and blonde curly wig and humiliating this man by handcuffing him and doing many sadistic things to him. Then, to finish, she would make him go in a cage and lock him up like a pet, belittling him with comments such as “You’ve been a very naughty boy haven’t you!”

This role play adventure started out extremely well and the man was finding the whole experience very exiting indeed. But as the prostitute was locking the man (now handcuffed and thoroughly humiliated) into his cage and admonishing him for being a ‘naughty boy’ an unexpected thing happened. Six burly men dressed in matching blue costumes and armed with clubs and tasers broke down the door to her apartment and stormed into the room.

These six men in their matching blue costumes immediately started shouting at the man in the cage “You’ve been a very naughty boy, you’re under arrest!” And with that they broke open the cage, dragged the poor man out, removed the handcuffs restraining him, gave them back to the prostitute, proceeded to attach their own handcuffs to him before finally dragging him out of the building and bundling him into the back of their van. This was done in full view of everyone passing by in the street, humiliating him greatly in the process. But by this stage he was no longer excited, in fact he was feeling deeply traumatised by the sudden and unexpected turn of events.

Once they had successfully kidnapped him, the six men dressed in their matching blue costumes drove him to a special fortified building, hauled him out of the van again, confiscated his wallet and phone and locked him inside a cage the size of a small room with a metal toilet in one corner and a narrow bed along one of the walls.

The next day he was dragged out of this cage and led to a special wood panelled room where a man who had dressed up specially for the occasion in a provocative bright red robe and a long white curly wig admonished him for being such a naughty boy. The man in the curly wig and bright red costume then forced him to hand over £500 to an agency known as ‘the government’.

The man in the curly wig explained that this agency did not like men giving large sums of money to women in return for being locked up in a cage and humiliated. They thought it was immoral and exploitative. And this was why they had decided to kidnap him, humiliate him in front of passers by, lock him up in a cage all night and then force him to pay them a large sum of money.

He also explained that the men who had kidnapped him were actually employed by this agency, as was he, and their main job was to use threats of force or even violence to stop people from doing things which the agency did not like, or to punish them or take their money if they had already done those things. Their other job was to act as a threat – the threat of arrest and imprisonment – to make people pay this agency half of their earnings every week. This was because the agency called ‘government’ did not actually make any money for itself because it didn’t produce or sell anything, and that is why it needed to force everyone else to fund it by threatening them.

He finished by threatening the man with being locked up in a special building where every room is a cage. He said they might lock him up there for a whole year if they ever catch him trying to pay a woman to put him in a cage again.

“You’ve been a very naughty boy!” shouted the man in the bright red costume and curly wig. At this point the men dressed in the matching blue costumes led him out of the room, gave him back his wallet and phone and threw him out onto the street.

  • What are your views on prostitution?
  • What are your views on kidnapping, violence and extortion?
  • What do you think happened to the £500 fine? Where did the money go?
  • What sort of messages do TV cop shows and Hollywood movies send out to young men about becoming a police worker or a judge?
  • Are concepts such as violence, extortion and the initiation of force explained properly in government schools?
  • Have you ever had a sex session interrupted by six men dressed in matching costumes breaking into your house?
  • The government is the only agency in society legally entitled to use threats of violence (fines, arrest, imprisonment etc) to force people to give them money every week. What methods do all the other groups in society (who aren’t allowed to use force) use to fund themselves?
  • Let us know your thoughts below!

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